There are places location time seems to have stood still. In Rome, in S. Lorenzo, may be the only neighbourhood which still preserves the spirit of the city, there is Renato Belloriu's Umbrella Factory. As soon as you step into it , you feel as if you turner back the clocks. Do not think of a hi-tech factory, with machines instead of human beings, because you will not find coldness and distance brtween the workers and those who shold give orders.

I say "those who should give orders" because in this magic place the owners set a good example, as they arrive at work earlier and leave later than their workers. You should meet Mr. Renato Bellori, or Sor Renato, as the whole friendly neighbourhood calls him. He is over 80 and has a strength that you could hardly find in young people today. Sor Renato has suffered a lot, as life was not so easy for him. His father Teobaldo had been making umbrellas since the early 1900's and so had his father. So Sor Renato decided to do same.

They were hard times, when it was difficult to earn enough to eat, but Sor Renato, working night and day, started to make the first umbrellas by himself. After he sold one, he delivered it on bike across the city; with the money he earned he bought the material to make another one, and so on. One day, in 1944, he met an angel in the street, a young lady named Maria. He immediately understood that she was the woman of his life and he fell in love with her.











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