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Bellori Renato snc

Artigiana Fabbrica Ombrelloni

Sede legale:Via dei Sardi 65 - Roma

Laboratorio: Via Umberto Agnelli 33 - Guidonia (Rm)

P.iva: 01709061004


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Chi Siamo

There are places where time seems to have stopped. In Rome, in the district of San Lorenzo, is the Factory Umbrellas Renato Bellori. Get is how to rewind the tape, or if you prefer, take a jump back in time. If you think of a factory, the ultra high-tech with robots instead of humans you've come to the wrong place, because you will not find coldness and separation between those who work and those who should command. I said should command, because in this magical place holders give an example, coming before the other and going strictly to the past.

You should know, mr. Renato Bellori, on the contrary, the Sor Renato, as it is amicably called him from all over the district: 80 years passed since some time, and a force that is hard to find in young people today. And' one who has suffered, the Sor Renato, not one of those who found the dish ready... His father Theobald made the umbrellas from the early '900, and before him the father, so also the Sor Renato decided to travel the same road. Were other times, it was difficult to put together lunch and dinner, yet the Sor Renato, working day and night, has started to manufacture the first parasols of their own. He sold one, delivered with the bicycle, from one end to the other of Rome, with the proceeds to buy the material to build another, and so on. One day in 1944, he meets the one that will be the companion of his life: Maria. Type stubborn, the Sor Renato, when you put in head one thing there is no way to make him change his mind! We must, however, recognise that he was right, and without Mary, maybe there would not be the company Renato Bellori as it is today. These were the years of the war, and in spite of all the 15 April 1945, Renato and Maria are married.


And here begins the story of the umbrellas Renato Bellori. Affairs begin to go well and so rented an office in via dei Lucani 18, where they are hand-sewn towels, hand painted drums and sticks... the result: The umbrellas of rare beauty that have captured the most beautiful houses in roman and european markets. The umbrellas signed Bellori are exported in the best furniture stores around the world. And to think that, at least at the beginning, the customers were represented by the street vendors, wandering around the markets and were in need of umbrellas for the best exhibit and protect the goods! Each piece, before being delivered, it is checked carefully because it must be perfect in every particular. This is the short story of a family tradition that continues thanks to the efforts of Carlo giovanni pietro Bellori and his son Renato.

Even today, the umbrellas with the same care and attention to quality are manufactured and exported abroad.

Today, the Renato Bellori snc has moved on to problems of space and urban planning in Via Umberto Agnelli 33 , 00012 Guidonia (Rm), not forgetting its beginning in the district of San Lorenzo.